Still from 'BEETHOPIA": Ludwig (Ben Dolan) must choose between freedom or saving someone's life.

Many thanks are in order regarding the making of this film. The cast and crew are of course, to be thanked for their abundant talents and their time. When this film reaches a wide audience, our gratitude to these dedicated people will be fully realized. In particular however, I would like to thank Patrick McGoohan, the genius behind 'The Prisoner', who gave me his personal support when the script was still in its first draft. Patrick's confidence in my abilities as a filmmaker helped me through the past 18 years as I have tried to make this film without a studio.  - D. Barker - Sept. 7, 2008

(Patrick McGoohan passed through transition on January 13, 2009. He was a friend, an inspiration and a man of rare talent and intelligence. It cannot be overstated how much his support kept this production alive. He will be missed by many. The world has lost a cinematic prophet.)

Four plus years in the making, 'BEETHOPIA' is the end product of a script first penned by filmmaker Darryl Barker while a graduate student at USC School of Cinema and Television. Demanding that the script not be compromised, Barker set out to independently fund this feature length drama about the decline of ethical decision-making and atrophy of conscience in a future human civilization. The talents and energies of over 100 people have brought this film to life and a gargantuan effort by a small, but dedicated crew saw this production through some of the most difficult locations, from searing hot sets in vintage St. Louis homes that could not be air cooled to 100% humidity and limestone mud floors in an underground location, to frigid temperatures in a landmark location that heralded the origin of one of America's favorite beverages.


Above Photo: L-R: Production manager Eva Barringhaus, director/cinematographer Darryl Barker, Ben Dolan as Ludwig.


Above Photo: Technical Genius Jef Miller stands with his squib keyboard on the set of "Beethopia".

'BEETHOPIA's subject matter deals with the conflicts between science, religion, politics and art; and how not one of these ideological platforms alone satisfactorily serves the human race. It reveals how these areas of  human endeavor, which are often enshrined in the highest order of praise, are actually fraught with hypocrisy and ineffectiveness.

Still from 'BEETHOPIA": Ludwig (Ben Brotherton) reluctantly takes music lessons from his tutor (Dale D. Moore).

 Frighteningly timely, 'BEETHOPIA' is no less an indictment of the current state of world affairs than was Ludwig van Beethoven's total rebuke of the man he once admired, Napolean Bonaparte, who upon declaring himself 'Emperor' of France, drew such a rage from the great Beethoven that the composer virtually destroyed the title page of the great symphony that he had previously dedicated to Bonapart: The Symphonie 'Eroica', an opus for "A Hero".

'BEETHOPIA' is not in the distant past or the dimly lit future of Man....

 'BEETHOPIA' is now.





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