Forgotten History - UFOs, Congress and Donald Rumsfeld

There’s a little talked about United States congressional hearing which implies that a former Bush White House insider has taken the UFO phenomenon seriously. Bush Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was a senator from Illinois in 1968, and in that year as a member of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, Rumsfeld attended a congressional hearing that took up the subject of UFOs, or, unidentified flying objects.

For the record:

 The Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects
 Hearings Before The Committee On Science And Astronautics
 U.S. House of Representatives
 Ninetieth Congress
 Second Session
 July 29, 1968 

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Statement of  J. Allen Hynek, pages 3 - 15, at which Mr. Rumsfeld was present may become available at a later date.

Rumsfeld introduced Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was then the United States’ foremost scientific authority on the UFO subject, having been contracted by the United States Air Force to analyze UFO reports that came to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The very next year, in 1969, U.S. government investigation into UFOs was "officially" terminated with the closing of U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book, the last acknowledged "official" U.S. government interest in the UFO subject. While Rumsfeld exited early in the hearing and questioned the "priority" of the UFO subject as compared to other issues, he none the less was present for a serious discussion of UFOs and addressed the subject as such.

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Whatever Rumsfeld's interest in UFOs was, the hearing and the subsequent action, that of the U.S. government asking Edward Condon of the University of Colorado to head a study of UFOs pursuant to this hearing, is certainly beyond coincidence. Several of the scientists invited to present papers at the 1968 hearing recommended carrying out an ongoing study of the UFO subject; yet, the Condon Committee was pre-disposed to bury the UFO argument, and so they did with a recommendation that the UFO subject not warrant further study, an opinion not shared by the majority of scientists invited to speak at the hearing.

In the latter part of 2004 the National Institute of Discovery Science in Las Vegas, Nevada, (now Bigelow Aerospace) officially closed shop, and left a closing assessment that revealed UFO activity as related to unidentified flying triangle craft has reached epidemic proportions. A former member of NIDS informed me that his take on the whole situation is that what we are looking at may be indicative of a pending invasion from an unknown intelligence. The question no one is asking is this: Has the "invasion" already taken place, is it currently under way, or have "they" always been here? The very fact that abnormal aircraft contrails (aka chemtrails) can exist in the skies over people's heads on a regular basis, yet the majority of people scurrying about beneath these bogus shrouds of cirrostratus* do not even notice them, is enough to make one ask: could people be so unaware, apathetic or ignorant as to allow an undeclared aerosol operation or even an "invasion" to take place right over their heads? It is this writer's opinion that someone's smoke and mirrors are working very well.

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~Above Photo: Taken October 1, 2006 over St. Louis, Missouri. Everyone from NASA to U.S Congressional representatives to the Federation of American Scientists denies that "chemtrails" are a reality. The debunkers state that "chemtrails" are simply natural ice particle vapor trails (aka "contrails") that form as a result of hot jet aircraft engine exhaust and atmospheric conditions. These statements are blatant lies, or they are made in ignorance of the facts.  Unacknowledged aircraft have been spraying chemicals into the skies around the world for the past several years. The above example of both "chemtrails" (the large, expanding vertical and horizontal "aerosol dispersal" and a regular "contrail" (a REAL contrail melting away behind the jet observed just right of center) is photographic evidence of an aerosol operation being conducted right over our heads, accompanied by complete official denial. Perhaps the chemtrail operation is the cause (or the symptom) of the earth's recent (2005-2008) bizarre weather patterns, undulating jetstreams, and severe storms which one might attribute to "global warming". Although this unacknowledged aerosol campaign may be a benevolent mission on the part of SOME PARTICIPANTS, public outcry for an explanation goes unanswered and unaddressed. The fact that all of human kind has been, for the past several years, potentially breathing particulate matter of an undisclosed substance, without choice, and without advisement, is a matter that should concern every responsible citizen of the world. Those involved in the Manhattan Project and the making of the first atomic bomb during World War II, were challenged by the science and believed they were doing the best thing for humanity. Afterward, Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Manhattan Project, quoted the Bhagavad Gita and referenced his conscience about what he and his fellow scientists had done, writing: "Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds". Oppenheimer was distressed about the misuse of atomic energy in the form of weapons and publicly battled the U.S. government, his former employer, in an attempt to stop escalation of atomic weapons development. Perhaps the scientists involved in the "chemtrail" project should take note, especially if they are dispersing nanotechnology into our atmosphere. At a minimum, the types of chemicals being dispersed should be disclosed, so people can take precautions for reasons of health. Better yet, the U.S government could level with the American People and the world, and tell us why they are doing it. (But of course, "scientific efforts" are not widely known (i.e. publicly disclosed) until they are successful.- (Rumsfeld, 1968).

For the record: After the release of the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Friday, April 6, 2007, skies were "normal" over St. Louis, with no observed "chemtrails" until Friday, April 20, 2007, when they were once again dispersed over St. Louis County.

January 20, 2009 update. Beginning approximately one week prior to the inauguration of U.S. president Barack Obama, chemtrail dispersal over the St. Louis area appears to have ceased. That is to say, no daylight observations of chemtrails have been noted.

January, 22, 2009 update: Chemtrails once again observed from St. Louis, Mo.

October 1, 2010 update: Chemtrails over St. Louis have been drastically reduced over the past few months. Chemtrails have been observed during abrupt heat waves, but the skies over St. Louis during much of 2010 have appeared to be normal.

October 4, 2010: Temperature drops over St. Louis to 39 degrees and chemtrails are back with a vengeance; literally dozens in the sky, beginning in the early am.

February 13, 2011 - St. Louis, Mo.

Lies Lead to Questions ~ Secrecy Leads to Speculation

If one follows the premise that the United States does not possess UFO technology, that is, anti-gravity, space/time manipulation or alternative dimensional travel apparatus, then it is logical to assume that petroleum is still our most dependable (and profitable) energy/fuel resource, the foundation of all transportation and manufacture, the backbone of the world economy. China's recent adoption of gasoline burning automobiles, the growth of which has mushroomed in China's cities in the past few years, certainly shows no indication that the world's energy industries have discovered an alternative means of propulsion. In terms of world energy supplies and transportation technologies, it appears to be business as usual; so, why the desperate measures on the part of Team Bush?

Is it reasonable to assume that the Bush Administration is completely briefed as to the true nature of ongoing UFO activity? Let's ruminate on the possibility that Rumsfeld and Bush are on the same page when it comes to UFOs. Bush has certainly supported Rumsfeld at every turn, even during ongoing demands for Rumsfeld's resignation due to the former defense secretary's ongoing failure in colonizing Iraq. When George W. Bush made his remarks regarding "Intelligent Design" of the human race, did he ever use the word "God" in that statement?

So, are Bush and his entourage taking their Christian support base for a ride? Does W believe in UFOs? Maybe someone should ask him. If he answered in the affirmative, he'd lose a large percentage of his Christian support base.

One thing cannot be denied: strange things are in our skies, not only in the form of fantastic, unaddressed aerial craft, but also in the form of unaddressed aerosols, dispersed in huge quantities, around the world. These aerosols are revealing very unusual patterns in our skies and it can be assumed that the United States military has full knowledge of this illegal aerosol operation. Why they are doing it, has yet to be disclosed to the public. Perhaps the aerosol program is directly tied to observation of aerial or atmospheric activity  being conducted by an intelligence that does not give a damn what people think or do.

On page 16 of the 1968 hearing report, Rumsfeld said: "This is a rather unique situation in that it is a scientific question that has reached the public prior to the time that anything beneficial can even be imagined. In many instances a scientific effort is not widely known to the public until it is successful".

Reiterated, Rumsfeld stated that the UFO phenomenon was a question of "scientific" dimension, (that being one that exists on a level of technology or nature), that was being openly displayed before the people of the world, without anyone in the U.S. government or the scientific community knowing what it was. He further stated that "scientific efforts" are not widely known to the public until they are successful; that is, tried, tested, proven, implemented, and usually making their way to public knowledge via news agencies or actual application in the commercial market. Because the UFO phenomenon was making its appearance without consultation from the United States government and the scientific community, it can be stated that UFOs were not "scientific efforts" of human origin.

The above statement by Rumsfeld is admission that the UFO phenomenon is real and that the public was alerted to this fact before the U.S. or any other government had the opportunity to censure the press or control the flow of information. An open and public UFO discussion has been systematically avoided by almost every national government office since the subject was declared unworthy of further investigation by the United States. As a result, humanity continues to struggle, ruled by governments that espouse belief in God, yet continue to fuel ungodly wars of senseless suffering. It may be cliché, but it's no surprise that the intelligence behind the UFO mystery still refuses to openly reveal itself to a race as barbaric as its ancient ancestry.

- Darryl Barker


  Posted 11/24/06, Revised 04/20/07, 11/08/09, 09/15/2010, 10/2/2010

Cirrostratus are thin and wispy cloud layers usually found above 20,000 feet. For more information on chemtrail spraying, see:



NOTE: Stanton T. Friedman was, at the time of the 1968 hearing, employed by Westinghouse as an astronuclear physicist, and was asked to submit a paper to congress. Mr. Friedman currently lectures and writes on the UFO subject.





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