1/5/2000 Illinois UFO Media Coverage/Censorship


The So-Called American Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Does Not Find a Rock Solid UFO Case Worthy of Public Exposure.

By Darryl Barker

The effort put forth to get The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000 broadcast on American national television has been substantial. As its producer, I have grown accustomed to the mainstream American television media refusing any consideration of acquisition of this program. Their letters of rejection are numerous and I will not publish them here. But the rejection letter from PBS deserves special attention, as PBS contends to be the American Public Television Network, providing programming to its audiences thanks largely in part to "viewers like you". In other words, public donations are a large part of how PBS funds its programming. So I have found it particularly interesting that one of our only 'non-commercially controlled' media entities still enacts censorship of subjects such as the UFO phenomenon.

When I first concluded a 90 minute program entitled The Edge of Reality: UFO Witnesses Speak Out in the year 2000, the January 5, 2000 flying triangle incident was part of that program. I submitted the program to the local St. Louis PBS affiliate for local broadcast, but they did not respond. After pressing their programming office for an answer,  the tape was returned to me and I was told they were not interested. A legitimate UFO sighting takes place across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, has already garnered the attention of the local FOX and NBC News affiliates and PBS is not interested. This in itself, I found interesting......interesting, indeed.

After failing to rouse the local St. Louis PBS office, the same 90 minute program was sent to the their headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. Once again, PBS was not interested. Then, after re-editing the 90 minute program, and creating a more 'network' friendly 30 minute version of the Illinois flying triangle sighting, I submitted the retailored documentary to PBS for general acquisition and also their Independent Lens series, specifically. 

PBS describes their Independent Lens television series generally as an independent film festival which  introduces new documentaries made by 'independent' thinkers, taking 'creative risks', calling their own shots and finding unusual stories.  The programs are bound together by the 'spirit' of the filmmakers, who 'ignore the rules of commercial programming'. The works aired by Independent Lens share a sense of purpose and 'access to little-known worlds'. See www.pbs.org/independentlens/about.html

With all due respect to the films and the filmmakers that PBS has aired for this series, what could be more risk-taking, flying in the face of commercial programming, and explorative of little-known worlds than a documentary which investigates a rock solid case of a massive, triangular-shaped object that defies physics as we currently understand them, reported by multiple corroborated civilian and police witnesses, and then proceeds to challenge the United States government to come clean as to what they know about it, asserting that we, the American Public, have a right to know?

Despite PBS's thumping their chest that they bring to the American public works that risk-taking filmmakers produce, it is this producer's opinion that PBS has opted not to air The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000 because the program does not reflect PBS's own narrow scope of what they consider information that is proper to disseminate to the public. To take it a step further, one could even suspect that PBS holds the arrogant attitude that UFOs are nonsense or that they are participating in the general censorship of the UFO subject. In other words, PBS is no better than any other commercially controlled corporate owned media entity when it relates to presenting the truth about UFOs.

As for the notion that no television network is going to pay the licensing fees to broadcast Edge of Reality when the Discovery Channel has already aired their documentary UFO Over Illinois, on the very same sighting, I say this: The two programs take divergent analytical approaches to the sighting. Edge of Reality delves into current, and little known cutting edge propulsion technologies and compares them to the aerodynamic performance of the 1/5/2000 flying triangle rather than simply attempting to establish, as does the Discovery Channel's program, that some kind of object was indeed seen that morning.  Failing explanation of the flying triangle by technology originating in the United States, Edge of Reality asserts that the U.S. government be held responsible to account for what could be considered either a massive security breach of our airspace by an unknown power, or that the American public is on the receiving end of a government,  public tax dollar funded mind game. Furthermore, the program produced by this filmmaker includes interviews with two additional police officers not found in Discovery Channel's UFO Over Illinois. While the two programs, Edge of Reality and UFO Over Illinois are similar in many ways, their rhetoric and analysis are quite different. You would think that PBS, a network that endorses Bill Moyers, who is openly critical of the current American Administration, would have the courage to take on the UFO subject in a dignified and objective way.

For the record, I have not posted this page and PBS's letter as an act of vengeance, but simply as another illustration of how the public is being intentionally misinformed by way of censorship by the American mainstream media. PBS is actively participating in a form of censorship, if not outright propaganda when they fail to give equal time to views that do not comply with their Nova-esque perspectives and thus, I assert that they are not acting in the best interest of the American Public when they fail to present serious studies of the UFO subject.

How PBS Gives You Access to 'Little-Known Worlds'

Letter of rejection from PBS headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, postmarked April 10, 2003.




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